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Central Station Monitoring

Having a UL Listed Central Station transmitting unique alarm signals to the fire department and unique off-normal conditions to the subscriber allows faster response for minimizing damage and determining precise troubles prior to dispatching for service calls.


A Central Station Alarm Monitoring Company monitors your fire alarm system. They receive the signals from the fire alarm system in the event of an alarm or trouble condition. The Central Station then calls the appropriate authorities and dispatches the fire department as needed, contacts your key personnel and notifies Global Protection Systems to be dispatched to your site if service is required.


Global Protection System's central station fire alarm monitoring companies are UL listed, providing your business with experienced personnel giving you prompt and reliable notification specified to your business’s needs.


Global Protection Systems provides connection to 44 Control central station monitoring, along with performing required quarterly inspections and filing with the local fire inspector for Rockland County NY accounts.


Get peace of mind knowing your fire alarm system is monitored and will dispatch the fire department, every second counts.

Trained technicians on call 24/7, 365 days a year
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