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About Us

No time is wasted when you contact Global Protection Systems, we understand when you contact us it’s because you need an immediate solution and we are ready to be dispatched immediately upon your request.

  • Commitment: To always do our best and provide the very finest


  • Dependable: Ready and available 24/7

  • Detailed: Meticulous attention to detail and national fire alarm code

  • Honesty: Defines our work ethic

  • Efficient: We believe in doing the job right the first time, going above and beyond the call of duty

Testimonials - Visit Google to see all of our customer's reviews, we are rated 5 stars.


Global protection has been servicing Normandy Village Condominium II and apartments for the last thirteen years.  They have always been there for us and we have gladly recommended them to others.


Kenneth J. Torsoe
Owner, Normandy Village Company

We are very happy longtime customers of Global Protection Systems.  They are extremely reliable and always available for timely, professional service and advice.


Jessica Bowen
Director Dennis P. McHugh Piermont Public Library

Global Protection Systems was recommended to us four years ago. Having millions of dollars in inventory and equipment, security is very important to us. I found the owners professional, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. They sincerely care about my business and are always available.  I have a peace of mind now and that is worth a million.


Fovama Rugs & Carpets of Westchester.

It became apparent to our organization that the Fire System for our large complex of three intersecting buildings and one stand-alone building, was not functioning properly.  The Fire/Emergency Alarm was going off at least three-four times a month at all hours of the day or night, creating a “cry wolf” attitude among the people affected.  The Company with whom we had a costly service contract for many previous years seemed unable to correct the situation.  Our buildings house administrative offices with many lay employees, three-hundred resident rooms and a Nursing Home; thus, it was imperative that for the safety of all, we seek another Fire System Company.  At about this same time we were approached by Mr. Gary Wood who was starting up a small fledgling company called Global Protection Systems, Inc. (GPS).  After weighing all the issues, we took the risk and transferred our problems to GPS, and we have not regretted this for one moment.  Global Protection thoroughly analyzed our situation noting serious safety issues, identified what needed to be done, and with precision and consistency completely transformed the system so that it now functions correctly. Our system is monitored at GPS headquarters which receives any “trouble” signals from our site caused by lightning – to which we are prone - or electrical malfunction; these are immediately followed up by GPS.   Along with the competence and quality of the work provided, a sense of security and trust has come with this valued professional relationship. GPS is reliable, trustworthy, honest and fair – someone you can count on to do what is best for the organization, and also easy to get along with. We highly recommend this Company for your consideration for the purpose of this current search, and for any future Fire System needs that arise within your jurisdiction.


Joan Berninger, MM
Maryknoll Sisters of St. Dominic

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